Pressing the print button causes the belt to rotate degrees. ID Card Printers and Systems. The thermal UB system includes security features, which are essential in confidential environments. Download Brochure kb zip. Model shown in picture is a UB with mobile stand.

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UB Panaboard Pdf Files. Pressing the print button causes the belt to rotate degrees. The board-attached Panasonic printer facilitates the panasonic ub-5315 dissemination of presentation output.

Send mail to webmaster whiteboardsareus. This a unique feature that isn’t in any other competitor Copyboards and the panasonic ub-5315 can be saved or scanned from both the panels.

Panasonic UB-5315 Operating Instructions Manual: Meanings Of Error Codes

This is a two panel system, which means that when you have written notes in one panel or screen, and you need more space, instead of deleting the ;anasonic, press the panel button, and the screen scrolls to the second screen panasonic ub-5315 panel.

Panaboards may be wall panasonic ub-5315 or supplied with mobile stands.

Panaboards may be customized for use as production schedules. Panasonic ub-5315 compact design includes wall-mounts or can be used with optional floor stand.

Integrated Panasonic Fusion Thermal Printer for immediate printing. Info for the UB Model Panaboards click to enlarge. The thermal UB system includes security features, panasonic ub-5315 are essential in confidential environments. Panasonic’s standard PC-connectivity makes it easy to keep electronic panasnoic of presentation material. Panasonic started panasonic ub-5315 by manufacturing light fixtures.


Board Pricing with Warranty.

Panasonic Black and White Copy Board UB-5315

You can write important notes on the board, and print them to pass around your attendees or save it on your computer and email them to colleagues. With just one click, you panasonic ub-5315 scan the image on the Panasonic ub-5315 screen as image data to your computer.

Panaboards can also work as a PC printer. Usually ships in 5 – 7 Business days. Its major advantage is that it makes it easy panasonic ub-5315 the participants to focus on the discussion at hand without worrying to take down notes. Black and white Copyboard that enhances presentations or lectures with its rich features.

Meanings Of Error Codes – Panasonic UB Operating Instructions Manual [Page 33]

Effortless file management process utilizing the exclusive Panasonic Document Management System software. Meeting content appears on the Panaboard screen can become your panasonic ub-5315 minutes with notes through the Document Viewer feature.

Panasonic is committed to protect the environment by pursuing oanasonic environmental strategies. When used on shop panasonic ub-5315 production numbers written in can be printed out or optionally sent to a PC with the touch of a button. Model shown in picture is a UB with mobile stand. Panasonic Panaboards are typically used in boardrooms to enhance meetings or presentations and eliminate note taking. Its mission is to contribute panasonic ub-5315 the progress and development of society and the well-being of panasonic ub-5315 around the globe.


An electronic copyboard lets you save and print the notes you have written.

UB Series Panaboard Models shown with optional stand. ID Card Printers and Systems. Other panasonic ub-5315 available include: Presentation files can be stored electronically or sent to an external printer for duplication! A two panel system ub-53155 doubles the panasonic ub-5315 and copy space. Ub-53315 advantage of the large, two-screen writing surface and printing capabilities. This feature doubles the available whiteboard space without any additional costs associated with physical space.

A rear mounted scanner images the written information and transfers it to the printer included and mounted below the board.